In collaboration with the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center (BTAC) in Jackson, WY, Inversion Labs recently released a new visualization tool for avalanche and weather data. The Snowpack Tracker provides a fixed time-view for the previous 30-days, displaying a basic set of panels selected from our previously developed Historical Weather Graphs. We have also added several new variables, updated daily by BTAC forecasters:

  • SKY: Sky Condition, using SWAG codes (CLR, FEW, SCT, BKN, OVC, X)
  • SH/NSF: Surface hoar / near-surface facets. Yes or No.
  • Avalanche hazard grid: displays colors & numbers corresponding to the Teton area avalanche hazard rating for low, mid, and high elevations.
  • 30-day cumulative sums for new snow and SWE (update with location-switching buttons)

While the Historical Graphs are better suited for research and forecasting purposes, the Snowpack Tracker will better serve the general public, guides, avalanche educators, or anyone needing a quick and simple view of recent conditions. We have also developed a mobile-friendly view of the Snowpack Tracker. Navigation to either the Historical Graphs or the Snowpack Tracker on a mobile device will automatically re-direct to the mobile display.

Here is a screenshot of the full Snowpack Tracker desktop display:


The live site is available here:

The page is also linked to the public BTAC website, under "Weather & Snow Data" --> "Snowpack Tracker"

Screenshot videos of interactive features

Posted below are short video demos of how to use the interactive tools that are available when viewing the web plots on a desktop screen. These include:

  • Buttons to switch locations
  • Hover tool to display data values
  • Drop-down menu to select previous seasons (Historical Graphs only)
  • Box zoom, wheel zoom, and pan tools (Historical Graphs only)

Many thanks to the developers at Bokeh that have provided the open-source software tools backing our web plots.

Snowpack Tracker demo:

Use box-icon in lower-right for full screen view.

Historical Graphs demo:

Use box-icon in lower-right for full screen view.